86 % say that our pants are their new favorite pants

86 % say that our pants are their new favorite pants

Nielsen Marketing has conducted a survey among men, who has previously made a purchase from SHAPING NEW TOMORROW to find out what they think of The Perfect Pants. Nielsen Marketing is a worldwide information and data gathering company, whose purpose is to objectively collecting data about consumers’ opinions and purchasing habits.

The Perfect Pants – what does it mean?

The Perfect Pants are designed in Denmark, and produced and perfected since 2015 by our skilled manufacturers in Portugal, who have more than 100 years of experience with textiles. We often visit our manufacturers, and the price of the pants reflects their exceptional quality, and is also an expression of us ensuring a healthy working environment and prerequisites for all links in the value chain. The pants have a classic chino fit and an amazing stretch, and you will never feel limited when you are wearing them – in fact, 86 % of men say that The Perfect Pans are their favorite pants*.


Pants developed for the everyday life

We have developed and refined the recipe for The Perfect Pants since 2015, and together with our manufacturers we have found a unique 360º weave in the material that ensures the pants have maximum stretch and follow your movements – not the other way around. You get a pair of neat and classic men’s pants that suit any occasion, and with a pair of Perfect Pants you will avoid the worst clothing crisis.

If there is such a thing as versatile pants, then it is exactly what The Perfect Pants are. A survey from Nielsen shows 86 % of men agree that The Perfect Pants are their favorite pants. The pants come in multiple colors, which makes it easy for you to find a pair that matches your wardrobe. They are designed like classic chinos with comfort at top priority, and they will always feel extremely comfortable wearing while suitable for all tops.

Prepare for compliments

The Perfect Pants have an elegant cut and a modern twist. The pants have a tapered fit but never too tight, and the material stretches and adapts to your legs. When you are wearing the pants you will guaranteed receive a compliment or two. A survey from Nielsen shows that 98 % of men in a relationship are told that The Perfect Pants suit them well. Besides, the pants come in multiple colors – the neutral ones as black and navy blue, but also more daring colors such as bordeaux and green. Wear the colored pants as a statement, or when you wish to stand out tastefully from the crowd.

The starting point for dressing neat and stylish should be for your own sake. But it doesn’t matter that your surroundings also like what they see. You can be sure to look well dressed while wearing The Perfect Pants without ever compromising on your own comfort.

The obvious present

For some men, renewing their wardrobe is a struggle comparable to climbing Mount Everest, so how about beating him in the bargain? The Perfect Pants are the obvious idea for a present if you are wondering what to buy him, or if he is having trouble coming up with any wishes himself.

98 % of men would appreciate receiving The Perfect Pants as a present. No matter if he is trying on the pants for the first time, we promise he will be surprised to feel how soft and stretchy the pants are, and after wearing them for a few hours the pants will have adapted to his legs completely.

You can buy the pants as a present risk free, since we offer free worldwide delivery and 100 days free return**. If he against expectations doesn’t like the pants there’s no loss for you.

**Read more about our returns and exchange policy here →


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*Source: Nielsen - Shaping New Tomorrow Customer Survey, NOV 2019, n=557