Oxford Shirt

Oxford Shirt

Classic Oxford Shirt for men

While the name of the Oxford shirt may sound a little stiff, formal and dusty, our Oxford Shirt is actually far from it. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, we love a classic style, but we also seek to challenge the idea of what classic menswear is. Therefore, we have re-thought the classic shirt for men, and with our new interpretation of the Oxford shirt, we have added some innovative features to the well-known design.
Our Oxford Shirt offers superior comfort due to its unique material that provides complete freedom of movement. We do not believe that your shirt should limit you in your everyday life. With our Oxford Shirt, you can therefore be stylishly and comfortably dressed for any activity.

A classic men's shirt with a story

The Oxford shirt is a classic in men's clothing, and it has a long history behind it. Although one might think that the shirt was created at the well-known English university of the same name, this is not the case. The material from which the shirt is made was actually developed in Scotland in the 19th century along with other materials named Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. Today, most people only know about the Oxford material.
The shirt's characteristic fabric has a slightly rough texture, unlike the material in most other classic men's shirts, which makes it very durable. Our shirt has even received a special treatment that makes the fabric feel extremely soft against the skin. In addition to this, the shirt has a classic button-down collar and buttons down along the front.
About 120 years ago, the original shirt with its then innovative material was actually used as sportswear. In the early 20th century, polo players began to fasten the shirt's flippers with buttons because they were disturbing during the game – and in this way, the shirt got the classic look we still know today.

What's special about our Oxford Shirt?

An Oxford shirt is incredibly versatile. It is suitable for a day at the office as well as a festive evening, and it can be dressed up or down so that it always suits the occasion. The special thing about our version of the classic shirt is that it is made of cotton with added elastane, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Along with the final treatment, it provides an extremely soft shirt that you can move freely in. Traditionally, an Oxford shirt is blue, but since we always try to push the boundaries of classic menswear, you can choose our Oxford Shirt in several timeless colours.
The shirt is also versatile due to its wide fit. You can wear the shirt with our Classic Pants for a nice everyday look – wear the shirt loose over your pants to make the outfit more casual. You can also dress up the shirt a bit with a pair of Essential Suit Pants; our innovative and comfortable suit pants.
The shirt is also ideal in a layered look; you can wear a knit sweater or crewneck on top to add a little extra warmth and good style in the cold weather. In the summer, it can also easily be styled with a pair of shorts or a pair of Essential Pants, which are incredibly light to wear. Thus, the shirt is a versatile classic that suits all occasions.