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    Suit pants

    Simple suit pants belong in every wardrobe. Our Pico Pants are made from virgin wool and weaved with a bit of elastane. This ensures optimal stretch while also making the pants durable, breathable, and feel extremely soft against the skin.

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    Suit pants
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    Pico Pants Slim Black Pico Pants Slim Black

    Pico Pants Slim Black


    Available in 2 colors

    Pico Pants Slim Navy Pico Pants Slim Navy

    Pico Pants Slim Navy


    Available in 2 colors

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    Suit pants for men you do not feel like taking off

    Are you one of those men that have to choose between neat suit pants for men or comfortable pants over and over again? Then we have the solution for you. For way too long, nice clothes have been equal to feeling "stiff" and uncomfortable. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW we decided to change that because why do you have to choose?

    It took a while to come up with a perfect solution for the issue. But we have succeeded in designing a pair of classic suit pants for men that feel so comfortable wearing it is almost hard to believe. Our suit pants for men are simply so comfortable that you will not want to take them back off. We guarantee it.

    Our one and only mission is to make every day easier for all men, who want a pair of neat pants but won't compromise on comfort. We want to create suit pants that will never limit your whereabouts. The pants are supposed to make you look good in any situation – whether you are going out or chilling out at home in front of the TV. Our suit pants for men are for you, who want unmatched comfort while looking good. The suit pants most of all feel like your favorite pair of jogging pants.

    Comfortable and neat suit pants for men

    It might be hard to believe that it is possible to buy suit pants for men that are actually comfortable to wear. Imagining suit pants for men that you can move around in freely almost seem impossible. Try though. With SHAPING NEW TOMORROW comfortable and stretchy suit pants for men become a reality. We never compromise on either comfort or design. It is quite simple, and we express this with all of our neat suit pants for men.

    We believe that the right materials and excellent fit equal a pair of suit pants for men you will want to wear again and again. This is exactly why we have made quality materials and the perfect fit a priority in our suit pants. The suit pants are made of 96 % Virgin Wool and 4 % Lycra. Virgin Wool is one of the purest types of wool, and it is both breathable and naturally temperature regulating. The 4 % Lycra gives the suit pants their distinctive, stretchy features. This combination of materials provides a pair of suit pants for men that are both smell and stain-free, semi-waterproof, temperature regulating, and stretchy all at the same time. What more can you ask for in a pair of suit pants for men?

    Suit pants to wear at home

    Looking good has never felt this comfortable wearing our suit pants for men. Actually, the pants are so comfortable that you will not only wear them when you have to suit up. You will also wear them for work when you go to see sports, or even when you chill out on the sofa at home. The suit pants are that comfortable!

    Quality suit pants at a reasonable price

    All of our mens pants are designed in Denmark. We focus on creating classic and timeless designs you can wear again and again. Therefore, we don't really worry about modern trends or innovative designs. We strive to create fashion you can enjoy for several years, and that is why we stick with the simple and elegant.

    Our suit pants are produced by family owned textile manufacturers in northern Portugal. We work closely together with our experienced craftsmen, and their impressive skills combined with our vision are what make our suit pants for men a reality.

    Since we do not have any intermediaries in our production, you can buy your new suit pants at a very reasonable price. We prioritize being competitive on price to ensure that all men can look good – and feel comfortable every single day.


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