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    [Størrelsesguide] Classic Pants Slim

    Classic Pants Slim fit fits the common body type and is to the man who wishes a form-fitted fit. The model adapts to your body type because the fabric warps around your waist, thighs and a bit around the calves.


    The Classic Pants and Classic Shorts expand during the first hours, especially at the waist. This means that they should fit tighter when you first try them on.




    1. 1. Your waistline
    2. 2. Choose your waistline in pants
    3. 3. Your height
    4. 4. Choose your length in pants



    1. Your waistline
     2. Size
    68-73 cm W26
    72-78 cm W28
    77-82 cm W30
    81-86 cm W31
    85-90 cm W32
    89-94 cm W33
    93-98 cm W34
    97-103 cm W36
    102-108 cm W38
    107-114 cm W40
    113-120 cm


    3. Your height
    4. Length
    160-172 cm
    170-182 cm L30
    180-192 cm L32
    188-198 cm L34
    196-208 cm L36


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