Fine Knit Crewneck

Fine Knit Crewneck Sand Grain Molinaire

€79 incl. VAT

Color: Sand Grain Molinaire

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This is the sweater you’ve been looking for: Our Fine Knit Crewneck has a classic design that elevates any outfit, be it casual or elegant. But what makes it really special is the unique material blend of Lyocell and cotton. Lyocell is a fiber that is made from wood pulp using an environmentally friendly process and has a bunch of great properties. Therefore, your sweater does not only look great, it also feels very smooth and soft while being durable and breathable at the same time. Wear it as is with your favorite pants, or wear it as an extra layer with an overshirt or a blazer – the options are endless.

Our model is 184 cm tall, weighs 75 kg, and is wearing a size Medium.

Upgraded and improved features

  • Breathable material

    The fabric wicks perspiration to the outside, ensuring comfort even while being active.

  • Premium look

    Using a special gassing technique, all fuzz is removed from the fibres for a smooth feel and vivid colors.

  • Pre-shrunk

    Pre-shrinking ensures a perfect fit even after multiple washes.

Soft, comfortable, stylish: our sweaters

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