Wool Scarf Black


Color: Black

Wool Scarf Black


Our Wool Scarf is a timeless and comfortable scarf you can wear with all types of clothes. The scarf is made in quality materials; 80 % virgin wool and 20 % cashmere, which adds a nice heaviness to it as well as it makes it an extremely soft, warm, and durable scarf with an exclusive feel. The scarf has a simple and minimalistic design which goes well with any man’s wardrobe.

Upgraded and improved features

  • Water repellent

    The fabric has a special nano treatment making it water-repellent and quick-drying.

  • Cashmere

    One of the most precious wool fibers in the world, grown by the Mongolian Cashmere goat, creating an extremely soft yarn.

  • Virgin wool

    Fine and soft wool from a lamb's first shearing that is especially warm and pleasant to the touch.

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