How to do Wedding Season: The perfect outfits for men

How to do wedding season: the perfect outfits for men

After two years of small ceremonies with only a few select guests, the big “I do” in front of an audience is back. A joyful occasion for most people involved, if it weren’t for the question you ask yourself every time you open another wedding invitation: what should I wear? Don’t worry. It’s not that hard to look your best at a wedding – as groom, best man, or guest.


We know one thing: as the groom, you are the center of attention (well, almost) – so you probably won’t get around wearing a suit. The good news: this no longer means suffering in stiff, uncomfortable fabrics! Take our Perfect Suit, for instance, which lets you dance the night away and survive a multi-course meal without secretly unbuttoning your pants.


If you like to play it safe, then you'll do everything right with a suit in midnight blue or anthracite. But what about black? If the wedding is not a black-tie or even a white-tie event (where a tuxedo or full dress coat must be worn), many people shy away from black suits. But what used to be taboo and reserved for funerals is no longer a problem. On the contrary, a black suit can look extremely stylish, especially if you combine it with a slim black tie. 

You are somewhat fashion-forward? Great! Try elegant pinstripes or a subtle check pattern.

Whether you choose a single-breasted or double-breasted blazer, two buttons or three: it's entirely up to you and your taste.


It will look most elegant if it reflects the color of the wedding dress – and if you are ever in doubt, choose an elegant white shirt. With any other color or even pattern, you should know exactly what you are doing. And definitely avoid chest pockets, short sleeves and obvious button-down collars!

But despite all the rules and conventions, keep one thing in mindt: it's your wedding, you decide the dress code and even more what you will wear yourselves. So if shorts and flip-flops are the right thing for you: Go for it!


You may not be the protagonist at this wedding, but your support for your best friend will be invaluable. You might even be there when he buys his wedding suit! So, if you know what he will be wearing, you could go for something that matches his choice and then tone it down a notch. In other words, if he is wearing a navy blue suit with pinstripes, you could opt for a plain-colored one in navy.

If the groom is more minimalist, he could accessorize with a nice pocket square while you leave it out.  As the best man, you are so much more than just mental support for the bride and groom. You will have full organizational control of this wedding and will be the first person to in many areas. This means: your comfort is extremely important, because you will certainly not have any time to rest! Our Perfect Suit and the Classic Shirt will give you perfect freedom of movement and also regulate your temperature during a busy day and night.


So you're invited to a wedding and you're not quite sure what to wear. First, look at the invitation: Does the couple mention a dress code? If not, you may be able to deduce from the location or the look of the invite which outfit would be best suited: Is the ceremony taking place at a castle with all the trimmings? Then you can't go without a suit.


..perhaps in the countryside or in their own garden? Then you have room to play. You should still make an effort, of course. Why not wear a pair of chinos like the Classic Pants, the Essential Pants or the Essential Suit Pants with the Essential Blazer, or just with an elegant shirt. A classic combination will be navy blue pants with a white shirt, but on a bright summer day, you should give beige chinos a try.

You think that’s too boring? Pair a shirt with a subtle pattern and chinos in a matching color – you won’t steal the groom’s thunder but still stand out from the crowd.


If you’ve been to many weddings, you’ll know that nothing would be worse than uncomfortable clothes. Which is why you should choose something with a little bit of elastane. The suits, pants and shirts in our collection make life a little bit easier for you with the help of 360° stretch. They will give you maximum freedom of movement and won’t lose their shape or even get saggy.

You want to last all day (and ideally all night) after all, whether it’s on the dance floor or at the buffet. Speaking of buffets. Our secret tip for a successful wedding outfit is our Essential Collection. The innovative material is not only water-repellent, it makes accidents with red wine or the chocolate dessert go away immediately.

Just wipe them clean and you can pretend nothing has ever happened for the rest of the night – so nothing will be in the way of having the party of your life.