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The suit – how to find the perfect fit

A suit is your perfect companion for parties or the office.

But what do you have to look out for, and most importantly: how do you find that perfect suit? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Whether it’s for a special event, important meetings or just your every-day office life: with a perfectly fitting suit, you will not just look great, but appear confident and successful at the same time. But how do you find the right suit? Especially when it comes to sizing, you might find it hard to get started. We’ll shed some light on all the numbers and explain how you’ll find a great blazer and suit pants on your size. We will also let you know how to tell whether your new Perfect Suit is just that: perfect.


Our suit, the Essential Suit, is available in American sizes. You may already know these from buying pants or sweaters. If you don't know your own size, you can easily find out.

All you need is a tape measure. Don't have one at hand? Then check your toolbox – a string and a measuring stick will work just as well. Now you can measure a well-fitting blazer and pants that you already own and compare them with the measurements we provide.

For the Essential Blazer, we provide six measurements that should help you find the right size: the shoulder, chest, waist and hip width as well as the back and the sleeve length. Check these against a blazer that already fits you well. By the way: just like our pants, our Essential Blazer is also available in a slim fit and a regular fit. Depending on your body type and your personal taste, choose a jacket that fits close to the body or a bit looser around the waist.

For the pants, you will measure the waistband, the inseam (that is the inner length of the legs) and the leg opening. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, you can choose between many sizes, and you’re sure to find your perfect suit. 

When you buy a suit, the blazer and the pants are usually sold as one and come in a package. What they also do, however, is come in a single size.

And because it’s completely normal that your blazer’s size differs from the pants, it makes sense for a lot of men to buy them separately and in different sizes.


You might find it difficult to tell if a blazer or a suit is a good fit, especially if you don’t wear them very often. But when it comes to tailoring, nothing is actually as important as the perfect fit. First of all, check whether the length is right: cover that butt! Also, make sure the blazer is not too tight. You can tell by the drag lines along the button front if it is. Speaking of buttons: the bottom one always remains unfastened! 

Take a look at the lapel. Does it lay flat against your chest, or does it stick out anywhere? The fit at the shoulders is also important: this is an area where your blazer cannot be too narrow or too wide. The sleeves should end at the wrist and show about 1 cm of your shirt cuffs. But don’t worry: if the sleeves are too long, they can be easily shortened by a good tailor.


Yes, your suit pants must fit in width and length, but there is actually a bit more to it. Start by having a good look at the back. The bottom should not sag, nor should it have strange wrinkles. The same applies to the thighs. 

You want to look smart and sophisticated. Therefore, make sure that your pants hit your shoes with one fold at the hem. Not more, not less. If your pants are too long, it will look sloppy. If they are cropped, make it a conscious decision and show off your socks and sneaks. This is not something you should consider when you are faced with a strict dress code though!

Make sure that the side pockets on your pants don’t gape. This would indicate that your pants are too tight. If they fit well around the waist, you could try the regular fit in the same size instead. 

Our Essential Suit Pants are available in a slim fit and a regular fit. The slim fit is an overall closer cut, while regular is a bit roomier around the thighs and calves.


If you don't have to follow a particular dress code, then it's entirely up to you! A modern option, for example, is the Essential Suit in a checked or striped pattern. You can go bold or subtle – play around with different shirt patterns and colors, too. 

You need a suit for a job interview, for a business suit or a festive event? In this case, you should play it safe. You can never go wrong with an anthracite or navy blue suit, but black can also be a very stylish choice. Pair it with a classic shirt – our Perfect Shirt is not only classy, but also comfortable. Like this, your new suit will quickly become your new favorite outfit.