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Our seasonal take on the ever popular Essential material: our new Heavy Edition features a fabric that is a bit thicker, so it will keep you warm and comfortable through the cold season – and never let you down thanks to all the innovative features that you already know and love.But we didn’t stop at a new fabric: We have also given the pants an updated fit that is right on trend – the wider cut gives you plenty of comfort and a very modern silhouette.

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    Get ready for the cold – with the Heavy Edition Collection 

    Some might say: Functional clothes and style don’t go together. We say: Nope! – And present to you the Heavy Edition Collection with pants and overshirts. The cuts are classic, the materials soft, stretchy and slightly thicker than regular menswear. With that, you not only get the perfect pieces for cooler days – but also exceptional comfort.

    Clothes that make you feel prepared

    Nothing beats the feeling of being able to conquer every day with ease. With our Heavy Edition Collection, you can wear this attitude like a second skin: The Heavy Edition Overshirt is the proper outer layer you need when the days are getting chillier. Kept in a timeless design with subtle colors and a classic shirt collar, you won’t make any compromise when it comes to looking smart.

    The Heavy Edition Pants follow the same concept: The thicker material protects you from a cool breeze – so you can comfortably ride your bike to work all through fall. To maintain a shape that fits various body types, the silhouette is a bit looser compared to our Essential Pants. In addition you can choose between a regular or slim fit to adapt your outfit to your needs, your body and your preferred silhouettes.

    You are looking for a Heavy Edition piece, but the style you are going for is more elegant than casual? In that case, the Heavy Edition Minimalist Overshirt is the way to go. The same fabric quality and thickness comes with a slight alteration on the chest area: inner pockets. By that, the exterior of the overshirt is super smooth and pairs extremely well with more formal attire like our Essential Suit Pants.

    The innovation in fashion: Heavy Edition materials

    You might already know our Essential collection. The fabrics of the Heavy Edition Collection are an updated version for colder seasons. That means: With mixing recycled polyester, viscose, cotton, and elastane, the pants and overshirts are durable and come with the same flexibility and 360° stretch – so you can move freely in any direction you want and focus on what really matters.

    In terms of functionality, the textiles provide quick-drying properties and stay practically crease-free. At the same time, they are breathable like sportswear. If you want to preserve your Heavy Edition overshirt or pants in the best way, wash the clothes at a cool, gentle cycle. It’s always best to hang them to dry and not put them in the dryer.

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