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Classic Pants

Available in 12 colors.

Suit pants

Available in 7 colors.

Wide fit Chinos

Available in 4 colors.

Road to the the perfect pants


Shaping New Tomorrow is a Danish company with its roots in northern Denmark. Behind the company are three childhood friends that have decided to change the way we think about clothes.

Challenge the idea that a pair of suit pants can't be comfortable to wear all day long. Challenge the idea that your fanciest clothes also have to be stiff. At Shaping New Tomorrow, we believe that you should have access to clothes, that not only are so fabulous to wear that you almost feel it's a lie, but also boost your style - without you having to compromise on comfort.

Home of The Perfect Pants.

The vision of Shaping New Tomorrow is to raise the level of your everyday wardrobe and make sure that your clothes - for everyday use, parties and formal occasions - are comfortable.

The idea is also that the clothes have to be affordable. Our clothes are manufactured in Portugal in very close cooperation with us. There are no intermediaries between us and the manufacturer, which is why we can offer you affordable high-quality clothing - a quality we control by frequently visiting our manufacturers who share our love for beautiful and stylish clothes in extraordinary quality.

Instead of creating countless collections and new innovative designs that go out of fashion in three months and are put on the shelf, we want to go the extra mile. We want to design timeless, classic men's clothes that will be part of your everyday wardrobe for you to enjoy for years to come!

All our clothes are designed in Denmark and then manufactured at our partner factories in northern Portugal. We test the clothes over and over again, so that we can be sure that the end product meets our own high expectations. We introduce only essential items for the men’s wardrobe.

We believe that the perfect piece of clothing consists of the just the right material and just the right fit. It really is that simple. Keep in mind, however, that prior to the creation of the pants or the T-shirt you choose, our clothes have been through a process in which we carefully and methodically make sure that you get comfort, freedom of movement and elegance in one package.


We don't want you to feel nervous about spending money on a product you aren't certain you will enjoy. Therefore, we have taken steps to make your purchase 100% risk-free.

We offer free shipping on all orders - regardless of order size.

If you want to change your product to a new size, you can do so for free - and the shipping cost is on us.

Free return for 100 days.

When we say that we offer a risk-free buying experience, we mean it. If you don’t want to use your product or if you find that the concept doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can take advantage of our 100-days return policy.

In addition, we are always happy to receive feedback - both positive and negative. Please provide us with a comment so that we can learn how to improve our service.

More than 25.000 happy customers can hardly be wrong. Read our reviews on Facebook or TrustPilot for yourself.

Back in 2018, we were featured on nation-wide television in Denmark in connection with the TV show Løvens Hule (Dragon's Den).

Here we managed to convince investors Jesper Buch who founded Just Eat and Birgit Aaby about the potential of our business. In cooperation with them, we will make sure that even more men can get the pleasure of our Perfect Pants concept - stylish pants as comfortable as jogging clothes - cool, right?


Designing and manufacturing clothes for men who want to dress smart without having to compromise with comfort is only part of our mission. We also want to make a difference for society as a whole.

Therefore it is not rare that we visit schools and universities giving lectures on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in everyday life.

We also support a successful entrepreneur who has created an innovative school in Tamale, Ghana.

Should you happen to swing by, you will hopefully find a lot of happy children wearing school uniforms from Shaping New Tomorrow.