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    Being neatly dressed has never felt better

    The story of SHAPING NEW TOMORROW started in 2015 with three childhood friends. They set out to change the way we think about traditional menswear. Comfort and style were hard to combine, and it became a breeding ground of ideas for building an international clothing brand.

    Our concept is based on the idea of being dressed for whatever the day may bring. Whether we will be facing new, exciting challenges or be required to make important decisions. Whether we will step out of our comfort zone – or we just need to relax at home on the couch. In our clothing, you will experience a new dimension of comfort that will never make you feel restricted in your everyday life.

    We have challenged the traditions and reassessed how classic, timeless menswear should feel and look. It's a constantly evolving process – and you will feel the difference as soon as you try on our clothes.


    The Perfect Pants


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    Danish design. Handmade in Portugal. Worn by men across the world.

    We work closely with several family-owned factories in Portugal that have accumulated vast experience with textiles for generations. Their expertise and thorough handling, combined with our visions, provides the recipe for comfortable and stylish menswear worn by men around the world.

    High quality at an accessible price

    Since we started, we have constantly been evolving to meet the high expectations of classic menswear. We have worked hard to perfect our materials and fabrics that are completely unrestricted and give you the freedom to move around freely. In collaboration with our manufacturers in Portugal, we develop the unique materials we use for our products. We have a close working relationship, and we visit our manufacturers often.

    We only sell through our own website and physical stores to ensure that you can get the highest quality at a lower price. We have no intermediary and our products come directly to you as a consumer. We believe that when you pay a fair price for the products we design and develop, we ensure proper, ethical conditions for everyone in the value chain.


    Responsible alternatives to conventional traditions

    With our range of classics and wardrobe staples in different colors, we have focused on producing high quality, timeless clothing. In a world characterized by rapidly changing trends and overproduction, it makes sense for you, as a consumer, to have the opportunity to use your clothes again and again. We believe it should be possible to do more with less.

    As a small company with great growth, we are constantly developing ideas on how we can act more responsibly – knowing that the processes and changes take time to implement. We work with sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled polyester and polyamide, and Tencel®. In addition, our trousers are OEKO-TEX certified, and if we have unused clothing, we donate them to charity.

    We are proud of the initiatives we have already implemented, but we are not on target yet. This is something that we work on every day.


    Meet the founders of SHAPING NEW TOMORROW

    • Christoffer

    • Kasper

    • Christian


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