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    A stylish and comfortable blazer is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Our blazers are made from the softest wool, ensuring a durable and thermoregulating blazer. Weaving it with a bit of elastane gives you optimal freedom of movement. 

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    The perfect blazer for men

    At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW we are not afraid of promising that you will love our new Pico Blazer for men. We know it is quite a promise. But we also know that we have designed and developed a blazer for men, which besides its classic design feels incredible to wear. We have made it possible to change the perception that a blazer is often difficult to move around in. You probably recognize situations where a blazer has limited your freedom of movement – especially around the shoulders and the back. The unique fabric weave has a four way stretch, which allows you to move freely without having to worry about tear-stitching.

    A blazer for men with room for grand gestures

    A blazer is a classic garment and is most likely already a fixed inventory in all men’s wardrobes. The blazer is exactly how you know it although our Pico Blazer is so comfortable that you will hardly notice you’re wearing it. This is partly because of the material, which make our blazer super light and temperature regulating. It also has an open back and this ensures an airy feel, while the fabric is so extraordinary stretchy that you’ll experience a feeling of complete freedom with room for grand gestures.

    Our Pico Blazer has a regular fit, and it won’t feel either too loose or too tight. The blazer comes in two models, regular and longer. The regular model is size equivalent on the body and the sleeves, where the longer model is slightly longer on the body and the sleeves. Our Pico Blazer comes in various colors; black, navy, dark grey, light grey pinstriped and navy pinstriped – no worries you will find a blazer that suits your taste.

    Unique composition of materials

    SHAPING NEW TOMORROW’s Pico Blazer is – as our Pico Pants – made of 96 % Virgin Wool and 4 % Lycra. The wool has the unique quality of being a naturally temperature regulating material and is also very soft on the skin to ensure your blazer will not scratch or bother your neck. Virgin Wool has long fibres compared to regular wool, which means you get a blazer for men that is extremely durable. Weaved together with Lycra you are guaranteed a blazer with amazing stretch that will not break.

    Get the perfect suit with SNT’s Pico Blazer

    We have made the blazer in materials and colors that matches our Pico Pants perfectly. These two parts make up the perfect suit, and you can be certain to look razor sharp even though the suit feels like your favorite sweats. You get a classic suit made in the best quality you can use for several years. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW we focus on comfort and movement, and you will instantly feel the difference when you try on our suit. Wear it with a nice shirt at formal occasions, or dress down with a t-shirt and your favorite sneakers. Regardless, you get a suit that you actually want to wear.

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