Essential Suit

Essential Suit Stanford Stripes

$409 incl. VAT

Color: Stanford Stripes

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Essential Suit Cloud Grey
Model from the front wearing a Stanford Stripes Blazer a dark navy striped blazer with a black shirt and matching suit pants

Essential Blazer Slim Stanford Stripes


Model from the front wearing a pair of Essential Suit Pants in Stanford Stripes/Dark navy stripes

Essential Suit Pants Slim Stanford Stripes


Save 8% on your suit if you buy Essential Suit Pants together with an Essential Blazer


Our Essential Suit represents the next generation of suits, as it combines a classic design with practical features that you may know from sportswear. The suit is made of a mix of recycled and sustainable materials that are durable, water-repellent and wrinkle-free, in addition to being very soft and light. This suit is made to make everyday a little bit easier, as both the pants and blazer offer you complete freedom of movement. Our suit gives you that tailored look, combined with a comfortable feel, making it perfect for any occasion.

Our model is 6ft 2".

Upgraded and improved features

  • Recycled material

    Part of the fabric is made from recycled plastic.

  • 360° Stretch

    The fabric stretches in every direction and allows you to move unrestricted.

  • Water repellent

    The fabric has a special nano treatment making it water-repellent and quick-drying.

  • Wrinkle free

    The durable fibers prevent the pants from wrinkling even after wearing them all day.

  • Breathable material

    The fabric wicks perspiration to the outside, ensuring comfort even while being active.

Football player in a black suit jumping to kick a ball showing unique stretch of clothes


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