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Imagine the perfect menswear that doesn’t only exceed your expectations of design but also exceeds your expectations of comfort. With clothes from SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, you no longer have to imagine. It is a reality. We make clothes, unlike anything you have ever tried on before. Those might be big words but we stand our ground.

We believe we make clothes that exceed your wildest expectations. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW we wish to innovate the way we traditionally think of menswear. We experienced a tendency where great menswear apparently both had to feel stiff and uncomfortable wearing. That didn’t make any sense to us.

Being properly dressed and feeling comfortable at the same time has always been important to us – and probably to you as well. We are on a mission to make menswear that doesn’t compromise on either design or comfort. When you try on our clothes you will discover that we made it.

We make clothes for men who don’t compromise
At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW we do not follow recent fashion trends. We focus on what we know works; classic design, great comfort, and extraordinary quality. When you buy our menswear online, you will receive the essential garments any man should have in his wardrobe.

All of your garments are elegant and simple making is useful now and in several years. We have designed evergreens that make a solid foundation for your wardrobe. You will find shirts, shorts, and t-shirts among the selection.

Besides, you will, of course, find The Perfect Pants that have nailed our brand into the fashion industry. The name of our pants collection says a lot about our brand. We do not settle for “good”. Our menswear has to be perfect. And we believe that it is. Outstanding comfort combined with high quality and thorough design is a winner every time. Our menswear is for you, who does not compromise.