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    The Perfect Shorts

    No summer without shorts! Our shorts are made from the same FreeFiber™ technology as our trousers. They are comfortable to wear, adjust to your legs, and are an essential part of every summer wardrobe.

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      With our new signature shorts, you won't have to choose between formal shorts and the comfortable, loose-fitting and breathable shorts that you prefer on hot sunny days.

      The last four years, we have been working on creating the perfect pants, and with that mission being a success, we have also been focusing on creating the perfect shorts with the same end-result in mind: That you look smart and presentable at the same time as you get unique freedom of movement and comfort.


      The perfect pan… We mean shorts

      Regardless you are riding your bike home from work, popping down to meet your friends downtown or taking a walk in the park, you don't have to worry about a thing - our signature shorts will not annoy you in any way.

      Our signature shorts are, just like our Perfect Pants, created in cooperation with our suppliers in northern Portugal. With the already perfect pants as a starting point, we have created shorts that are as comfortable as your favourite jogging pants and as stylish as dress shorts.


      Ideal everyday comfort - every day

      In contrast to other brands in the same industry, Shaping New Tomorrow has chosen not to introduce countless new designs and collections every year. Instead, we have decided to focus our efforts on optimising and further developing the best products we know you get the most out of.

      Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer you the perfect pants in a shorts edition, that will give you the exact same comfort that you have experienced with our pants. Perfect everyday comfort and stylish shorts - is it really possible?

      At SNT, we believe that we have proved that exact claim with our The Perfect Shorts. Our signature shorts are created from the perfect pants, and with them you will experience the same excellent comfort and elegant design. 


      The perfect match - Portuguese cotton and elastane

      Honestly - we do not want to bore you with all the technical details. That said, maybe you want to know a little bit more?

      Our shorts are manufactured in Portugal. From the preparation of the raw material to the weaving of the fabrics and the tailoring - everything is located within a radius of 10 km. This enables us to offer you high quality - every time.

      These signature shorts are made of 97% Portuguese cotton and 3% elastane.

      Did we also mention that our manufacturers each have more than 75 years of experience?


      A mix of materials that ensure perfect comfort and stylish design

      The combination of the finest cotton and the most stretchable elastane ensures that our shorts are of the highest possible quality.

      Our signature shorts are therefore a clear example of the fact that there are extremely good-looking shorts that are comfortable, neat and stretchable. At Shaping New Tomorrow, we have made a virtue of providing such a high level of breathability that you can wear our shorts and continue to feel comfortable and fresh - no matter how hot it may be.

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