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We have gathered all the new arrivals in one place, so you don’t have to look around for them. Find all our latest styles right here.

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     When less is better: our new arrivals for men

    We are not a fast fashion company. That's why you won't find hundreds of new products here every week. But you will of course find new arrivals here on a regular basis: this could be your favorite items like the Perfect Pants in new colors, the Classic Shirt in a new pattern or seasonal newcomers such as shorts in summer or knit sweaters in winter. 

    Together with our partners in Portugal, we are constantly developing our collection. This means that we improve what we already have or add completely new styles. So you can look forward to a few big collections a year, and in-between, we will always surprise you with bigger or smaller launches.
    In short, it's worth coming back again and again!

    Menswear that is here to stay

    SHAPING NEW TOMORROW menswear is all about simplifying your everyday life. That's why we invest a lot in the development of our new products. Not only do they have to excel with their comfort and innovative features such as 360° stretch, the new styles also have to fit seamlessly into our permanent collection and complement our classics such as the Perfect Pants or the Perfect Shirt. This is why you can grab anything from your wardrobe in the morning and be sure: it’s a perfect match. Being from Denmark, we place a lot of emphasis on Scandinavian design – which is characterized by clean lines and that certain timelessness that will always look modern. 

    Always up to date 

    On this page you will always find our latest styles. Our collections are exclusively made by family-run companies in Portugal, so you can rely not only on the exceptionally high quality of our clothes: being made in Europe also means that distances are short – which is good for the environment and means reliable supply chains. 

    We are also more than happy to let you know about any new arrivals: just sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated!