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    Versatile Pants suitable for any Summer Activity

    The linen pant is a recurring classic during the summer, and with this in mind, we were on a mission to design the perfect pair of summer pants. At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, we already have the ingredients for The Perfect Pants, so we could not make anything short of these. Specific to the summer pants, we wanted to ensure optimal comfort in warmer temperatures while not compromising the style or look of the pants. We searched for a fabric that could give the same breathability and lightness as linen while also trying to enhance it by featuring some more technical components that we love.

    This is how we arrived at the innovative TENCEL™ Lyocell material featured in our Tech Linen Collection. The mixture of fabric lived up to our expectations when it comes to comfort. It’s light, breathable, and soft on the skin, efficiently absorbs moisture which is great during the summer time, and is less likely to shrink or wrinkle. Revolutionary, right? 

    Once we secured the comfort, we ensured the design would make you feel well-dressed, no matter the occasion. Go directly from a day at the beach to your dinner plans without needing an outfit change. Our Tech Linen Pants are ready for the summer’s activities and adventure, as well as a relaxing vacation-mode. In the summer, you are constantly on the move and we made our Tech Linen Pants flexible and sturdy enough to endure days filled with activities, and dressy enough for a restaurant booking. 

    These pants open up the possibilities for a spontaneous summer. They only stop when you stop. Make the most out of your summer with the perfect pair of summer pants, so you never have to miss a beat!

    The Perfect Summer Pair: Stylish, Casual and Comfortable

    Is the weather report showing extremely warm weather? Do you have a formal gathering that requires long pants to attend? Our Tech Linen Pants are here to your rescue. Forget about the tight, sweaty, itchy and restricting pants, and enter the world of wide, breathable, soft and liberating pants. 

    SHAPING NEW TOMORROWs Tech Linen Pants:

    • Keep you cool even on the warmest summer days
    • Produced in high quality fabric with great strength and durability
    • Provided with the look and feel of linen with less garment care
    • Soft on the skin and efficiently absorb moisture

    We are very passionate about our pants, and we dare say that our Tech Linen Pants live up to the task of sophisticated comfort. We never settle until we know the material, fit, and style live up to the standard of being able to wear it every day. Though featuring many great technical properties, it does not compromise the look and feel we look for in summer pants. All we can say is that you just have to try them on!

    Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible Pants

    The material featured in our Tech Linen Pants is TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, which are produced through environmentally responsible processes and from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers meet the demands of a more environmentally-friendly option while still providing style and comfort. 

    Aside from the highly technical fabric blend of  TENCEL™ Lyocell, the Tech Linen Pants are also made of viscose and polyester, giving them a resemblance to linen, only better! Our decision to incorporate ceramic yarn polyester in the fabric was to achieve the easy-care feature that minimizes garment shrinkage and wrinkling. The way we combined these materials made it possible for us to offer you a sustainable and environmentally responsible pair of pants without ever compromising on style and comfort. 

    Tech Linen Pants for warm summer days

    Our superiorly comfortable Tech Linen Pants are designed and handmade in Portugal. 

    The pants are purposefully designed to give a melange appearance, resulting in a unique pattern similar to the look and texture of linen material. The woven bi-stretch fabric offers the perfect stretch to the pants, giving you flexibility and freedom of movement. 

    Our Tech Linen Pants consist of:

    • 46% Lyocell
    • 34% Polyester
    • 14% Viscose 
    • 6% Elastane 

    The unique and technical fabric gives the pants a natural and comfortable softness while ensuring a strong and durable product. So you count on these pants for summers to come! The material blend also makes the garment incredibly light and breathable, a vital component in all summer clothing if you ask us.

    Our Tech Linen Pants are available in neutral summer colors so you can easily match it with your existing summer favorites. The shades have been carefully selected to ensure they remain clean and classic for seasons to come. Choose one (or all of them) and secure endless combinations in your summer closet. We guarantee you will be ready for any event this summer. 

    For a complete summer look, explore our entire Tech Linen Collection here.