Tech Linen Shorts

Tech Linen Shorts
Tech Linen Shorts CharcoalTech Linen Shorts Charcoal

Tech Linen Shorts

Tech Linen Shorts Charcoal


Tech Linen Shorts AshesTech Linen Shorts Ashes

Tech Linen Shorts

Tech Linen Shorts Ashes


Tech Linen Shorts SandshellTech Linen Shorts Sandshell

Tech Linen Shorts

Tech Linen Shorts Sandshell


The idea behind our Tech Linen Shorts

At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, we simply love the look of linen for summer! However, the enthusiasm for the fabric is dampened by how easily the fabric wrinkles. The fabric's attentive wash and care instructions can also create a headache, as one misstep might risk shrinking your garment. 

And that's where our Tech Linen Collection comes into play, making these problems obsolete! 

The motto is: Linen, but better. 

We named our collection 'Tech Linen' because of the fabric's unique technical properties and resemblance to linen – though its technical features make it far superior. It looks like linen but feels like heaven. 

With this fabric, we have developed the perfect pair of summer shorts for men – The Tech Linen Shorts. You no longer have to worry about wrinkles or extensive care instructions! These are problems of the past!

The main fabric component of our Tech Linen Shorts is TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, produced from wood in environmentally responsible processes. This fabric is the perfect mix for you who do not want to give up on comfort but want to look stylish at the same time – all while keeping an eye out for the environment. 

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a strong and durable fabric that remains soft on the skin and has great moisture absorption. The TENCEL™ Lyocell, polyester, and viscose material blend gives the shorts a light and breathable feel essential in the summer. Due to its bi-stretch material, you get the perfect stretch component that will provide you with the ultimate level of comfort and an easy choice for your everyday summer wear.

All items for the Tech Linen Collection are handmade in Portugal and produced in environmentally responsible processes from the raw material wood.

Our comfiest technical shorts for this summer

It's not only the fabric that accounts for the comfort feature in our Tech Linen Shorts. Combined with the casual fit, wider leg, and shorter length ending just above the knee, you get the perfect shorts for warm summer weather. You can wear them for every occasion, whether it's a casual summer party or a day eating ice cream with your family or friends. There are no limits to your outfit assemblies. 

In addition, the unique quality of the material requires little garment care and is less likely to shrink or wrinkle over time. The shorts are always ready for another day, which means less ironing for you! We guarantee the shorts live up to your expectations in style, quality and feel. We have a hunch that they will become a staple in your summer wardrobe. An item you will turn to day after day and look forward to wearing once the season returns! Simply put, they will be your new companion this summer.

Summer collection: Neutrally toned color palette 

The Tech Linen Shorts are available appropriately in season colors that are neutral and easy to match.

The colors have been carefully selected so you can effortlessly pair them with other colors-palettes featured in your wardrobe. That means no more blank staring into your wardrobe in an attempt to find something that matches – combine and pair your shorts with a shirt in a matter of seconds. 

If you want to go for a single color or a matching set, we also have our Tech Linen Shirt and Tech Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt, featuring the same technical component and unlimited comfort of our shorts. Create a seamless and classy look that fits all of summer’s festivities. 

Shape your Summer. Unrestricted.

A shift to warmer weather should not dictate the quality of your wardrobe or make you settle on summer clothing that does not live up to your standards. We want to create stylishly comfortable clothing, no matter the season. With the past couple of summers affected by the pandemic, this will be one of the first summers of acting and feeling free, where we can be our true summer selves again, and create lasting memories. 

The clothes featured in our Tech Linen Collection are designed to give you the freedom we have been waiting for. Also, we don’t believe you can enjoy summer to the fullest if you are wearing stiff and restricting clothing, it’s just not right! That’s the motivation behind this collection, and our Tech Linen Shorts give you the freedom of comfort we are so passionate about.

Produced with style and comfort in mind, you don’t have to worry about poorly fitting, restricting, itching, and wrinkling garments that give more work than it's worth. Our Tech Linen Collection offers you everything you look for in summer clothing. Class, comfort, and freedom.