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A perfect match

Clothes are not just clothes. They can bring out the best version of yourself, whether it’s in everyday life, on the road or on match day, when the whole nation is watching. This is why the Danish national team wears garments that break new grounds, which is the exact same way they approach football. Our role is to create the best possible conditions for focus and comfort – until the moment the team pulls on the red jersey and steps onto the pitch. 

The Perfect Shirt

A base for better

With the right gear, you can focus on what really matters. When you don’t even notice your gear while using it: even better. This is also true before and after the game, which is why our Perfect Shirt is the ideal backbone for a successful travel outfit. It has all the details of a classic shirt, but thanks to the finely knit material with 360° stretch, you will feel right at home in it. Just like in your football jersey.

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The Perfect Pants

Exceeding all limits

For the Danish national team, our pants have one task: getting the squad to and from games, in style and in comfort. If you are used to athletic wear, elegant pants can feel restrictive. Our Essential Suit Pants have 360° stretch, so they move wherever you need them to go. With a range of innovative features, they will never let you down. Not in a champagne shower, not on a long-haul flight.

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The Perfect Blazer

One for the team

There is something powerful about what a football jersey does to a team. And this community spirit is as important to the squad as comfort is to the individual player. With our blazer, we want the national team to take this feeling of togetherness from the pitch to the road. And just like the matching pants, the Perfect Blazer gives you the freedom to perform at your very best, whenever, wherever. Think 360° stretch, breathability, water-repellency.

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All styles at a glance

The next generation of classic menswear for a new era of Danish football

The Danish men’s national team has moved into a new era, where human values create the basis for top-notch results. It is a culture that focuses on the person behind the player, a culture that creates a tight-knit community – and victories. The team rises as a group, but each individual player is given the freedom to be a star in his role, whatever that may entail. This is also what we at SHAPING NEW TOMORROW both celebrate and strive for, so we jumped for joy when we had the opportunity to equip our national team for all their travels around the world. 

For the next two years, not only the national squad, but also their entire team will be traveling to and from games in what we call the Perfect Suit. This underlines the fact that it takes the proverbial village to raise real winners – from the coach to the physical therapist. They are making sure to put our suit and its matching shirt to the test, because these garments are created for anyone wanting to perform their best and look their best while doing it, no matter their age, no matter their shape.