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Essential Suit

Our suits represent the next generation of formal menswear, as they combine a classic design with practical features from sportswear.

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    The perfect suit is comfortable and stylish.

    Sooner or later, every man needs one: a stylish suit. Because we question the traditions of classic men's fashion, we have created the Perfect Suit 2.0: It combines an elegant look with features inspired by activewear. With this suit, you'll be impeccably dressed for all the small and big occasions in life and feel simply fantastic.

    Our suits are made of a technical material that is partly derived from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are transformed into innovative REPREVE® polyester, making the suit extremely durable.

    In addition, we use sustainably produced Ecovero viscose, whose raw material - cellulose - comes exclusively from FSC-certified forests and is then processed in a closed-loop system. This reduces water and chemical consumption significantly compared to conventional viscose. Finally, a touch of elastane is added to the fabric - the result is a smooth, lightweight, and durable suit that doesn't wrinkle and is even stain and water repellent - providing ultimate comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

    What you should consider when buying a suit

    In the past, when it came to suits, it was all about the look. A suit had to look elegant above all else, and comfort came second. It is our mission to change that: Our Perfect Suit not only looks smart but is also extremely comfortable. But how do you buy a suit online? Our Essential Suit has a modern, rather slim fit that suits most body types. Additionally, the fabric is so flexible that it adjusts to the body without creating creases or similar issues. For a perfect fit, you can choose the sizes for the blazer and pants separately - not everyone needs the same size on top and bottom!

    If you already know your shirt size at SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, choose the same size for the suit jacket. We offer the Essential Suit Pants in over 60 different sizes, including slim and regular fit - you'll definitely find the perfectly fitting suit pants. If you're not entirely sure, you can measure a well-fitting blazer and pants and compare the measurements with ours - that way, you'll be on the safe side, and nothing will stand in the way of your impeccable suit look. Make sure that your suit pants have the right length: they should create a fold over the shoe - no more and no less. You should be able to fasten the jacket’s buttons comfortably - and never close both buttons! It is a hard and fast rule to never close the bottom button. The sleeves should be long enough to touch your wrist and show about 1 cm of your shirt cuff. By the way, did you know that it’s usually not a problem to have the sleeves shortened by a tailor?

    The suit for every occasion

    Our suit is not only particularly comfortable and flexible, but it also looks great for any occasion. It's the perfect choice for a grand appearance: wear it to weddings, formal events, visits to the opera or theater - and even after a multi-course meal, it won't restrict you and will make you look your best all night if needed. And even if you're cycling or playing with the kids, your suit can handle it all.

    With its clean, minimalist Scandinavian design, it adapts not only to your activities but also to your style. Wear the suit in a classic way with a shirt or even a tie - or go for a more modern and sporty look with a high-quality T-shirt. Our Classic Shirt and Supima T-Shirt go especially well with the Essential Suit and are available in many different colors and patterns. While a classic white shirt is always a winner, stripes and other patterns also go well with your business look.