Stretch further - our philosophy

Man wearing grey suit and black shirt walking in an urban setting smiling into the camera
Man wearing black suit, white shirt, black belt and white sneaker doing a breakdance stunt
Two male models standing in a desert wearing a beige suit and grey suit looking happy
Man wearing black pants, beige blazer and white shirt looking into the sun

Since day one, we have challenged the conventions of classic menswear.

Our mission is to manufacture products that enable you to stretch further.

To stretch further means to step out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries of what is considered possible.

That is where you can have fun, bend the rules and challenge the status quo. It is also where you find peace of mind.

We do this at SHAPING NEW TOMOROW and encourage you to do the same.


Some people follow the path of least resistance, whereas others are fueled by challenges. Adversity and difficult conditions only make them work harder.

No matter what challenges you are faced with, our purpose is to keep you comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations, so that you can stretch further and defy the odds.

Two paralympics athletes playing table tennis


In a world where everyday life demands more and more from you, freedom of movement is essential – both physical and mental.

That is why our multipurpose menswear is designed to stretch further – to keep you ready for any occasion or challenge, so that you don’t have to get ready.

Man wearing dark suit and white shirt jumping over obstacle showing unique stretch of clothes
Man wearing white shirt and light blue jeans carrying bike over his shoulder


Being able to move freely makes it easier to think, feel and live freely – and if you look good, chances are you feel good, too.

With proprietary technologies such as FreeFiber™ and TechRec™, we are able to offer comfort that is second to none through state-of-the-art fabrics.

With features similar to those of athletic wear, but the timeless look of classic menswear, our clothes bring more convenience to your everyday life. Once you try it on, you will see what we mean.

Hands on a technical device showing production


Stretch further is a philosophy that informs how we manufacture our garments, how we evolve as a business and what we stand for as a brand. This also applies to sustainable production methods. We constantly seek to optimize the world’s resources by, for instance, giving new life to old plastic.

Stretch your abilities

We are inspired by people who are so devoted to their mission that they are willing to step out of their comfort zone and stretch their abilities day by day to reach their goal.

Shaping new tomorrow