Short-Sleeved Twill Shirt

Classic Short-Sleeved Twill Shirt Light Blue Stripes

€89 incl. VAT

Color: Light blue stripes

Classic Short-Sleeved Twill Shirt Light Blue Stripes
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Our Classic Short Sleeve Twill Shirt is made to be worn for the entirety of summer – and all the unforeseeable events that occur when you are on the go. Made from cotton with ultra-fine threads and cross-woven with elastane, this short-sleeved dress shirt not only ensures complete freedom of movement with 360° stretch and an in-between fit, it also looks amazing paired with pretty much anything. Wear it untucked or tucked into your favorite pair of pants. No matter the occasion, you can’t really go wrong with the comfort, style and durability of the Classic Short Sleeve Twill Shirt as its soft, durable material is wrinkle-resistant, regulates your temperature, doesn’t need to be ironed and kills 99 % of all bacteria. When you wear it, all you need to do is embrace the warm summer days.

Our model is 190 cm tall, weighs 87 kg, and is wearing a size Large.

Upgraded and improved features

  • Iron free

    The cotton is spun using a special method to prevent the fabric from creasing.

  • Next level comfort

    The shirt provides complete freedom of movement and extraordinary comfort.

  • Less odor

    Nano treatment prevents odor or smell to cling to the fabric and kills 99% of all bacteria.

  • Thermoregulating

    The fabric controls moisture and leads heat away from the body to prevent sweat stains.

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