Classic Shirt Regular

Classic Shirt Navy Stripes Regular

€109 incl. VAT

Color: Navy stripes

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A shirt made for everyday life

The Classic Shirt is for you if you wish to make everyday life easier for yourself. The material is made from cotton with ultra-fine threads that are weaved with elastane, ensuring optimum stretch and high comfort. The shirt is temperature regulating, and the material doesn’t easily crease, making the shirt a standard part of a classic everyday wardrobe.

Our model is 188 cm. high, weighs 83 kilos and is wearing a size Large Slim.

Upgraded and improved features

  • Iron free

    The cotton is spun using a special method to prevent the fabric from creasing.

  • Next level comfort

    The shirt provides complete freedom of movement and extraordinary comfort.

  • Less odor

    Nano treatment prevents odor or smell to cling to the fabric and kills 99% of all bacteria.

  • Thermoregulating

    The fabric controls moisture and leads heat away from the body to prevent sweat stains.


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The perfect shirt

For all aspects of life

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