We take part in shaping a better tomorrow


Sustainability is a jungle. Sustainable fashion is even more intricate. And the fashion industry hasn’t made it easy to deviate from its unfortunate reputation.

At SHAPING NEW TOMORROW, we develop menswear that challenges conventional manufacturing practices within the textile industry – without compromising on our core product values of comfort and aesthetics. To us, sustainable fashion is about making garments that last beyond trends and seasons in a responsible manner. 

We are proud of the initiatives we have already implemented into our business. But we are not all there yet. And it’s quite possible we will never get “there”. Wanna know why?

Sustainability is a journey. Not a destination.

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As part of our product strategy, we seek to find alternatives to conventional textiles and aim to use more sustainable materials without compromising on our core product values. We design products and collections that go beyond seasons although always meeting our requirements for comfort and business casual aesthetics.

We make use of the innovative and responsible technologies that are available now and continue to implement better initiatives into our production in close cooperation with our suppliers in Portugal.

Honesty and transparency are our most important values. We aim to show, not just tell, how we integrate responsible practices into our business. It is important for us to create a sustainable balance between the decisions we make and the impact we have on the environment.


Our vision is to deliver timeless and comfortable menswear respectful of traditions that are also considerate to our planet and its future generations. The matter of sustainability in fashion is no longer an option. It is a demand

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We have a close relationship with our suppliers and we have worked with them since we founded SHAPING NEW TOMORROW back in 2015.

All of our suppliers are located in Portugal. Our hearts set on manufacturing in Portugal because of their excellent skills working with textiles and garments and the ability for us to visit them often. Also, manufacturing in Portugal means our suppliers are working under EU legislation on fair and ethical labor.

Our suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct that enlists requirements on Human and Labor Rights and Environmental Protection. These are requirements we adhere to and hereby doing ours to become part of the solution rather than part of the problems our industry is facing. We work together to increase transparency and traceability in our supply chain. It is a continuous process we are deeply engaged in.

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Sustainability is a choice and we invite all current and future customers to make a conscious decision of buying better and fewer products whenever possible. Look for care labels and materials to support responsible and sustainable initiatives.

We invite you to join us on our journey and feedback any suggestions you may have. Please ask questions if you wish to know more about the decisions and actions we take in terms of becoming increasingly more sustainable.

Like any other business, we are dependent on our customers. We value dialogue and feedback, and we encourage you to take part and engage in our goals and commitments. It is our wish to involve our customers to ensure our products’ lifetime by guiding about proper care and use of our garments.


We know what negative impact the fashion industry – our industry – has on the environment. And it’s not really something to be proud of.

This is why we are determined to become part of the solution to change the reputation of our industry. We are aware of the significance of the issues and there’s no quick fix. But we have begun the transformation with faith and confidence that we will be able to reach our goals in close cooperation with our partners in our supply chain.

As mentioned in the top: Sustainability is a journey. Not a destination. There’s no such thing as 100 % sustainable – it’s simply not possible. But most importantly sustainability is about taking responsibility, being honest and transparent, mapping out processes, knowing your supply chain and where your products come from, shining a light on the issues, and try to find solutions to solve them – and always working with the best practices your industry allows you to.

At least, this is what we do to take our part in shaping a new and better tomorrow.

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